DoubleKiller is the best and fastest duplicate file searching program
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DoubleKiller is the best and fastest duplicate file searching program.
Often it can happen that your picture, music, or video collection can become huge so that there are many duplicate files in it. It can take up massive spaces out of your hard disk depending on the content.

DoubleKiller is a small program, easy to use. It can search for the files and remove any of the duplicate file it finds. We can add any folder or list of files, and it can search them. All the features needed for such a program, like the support for file exclusions depending on the file extensions, "read only", "hidden", "archive" files exclusion, and also excluding filenames with texts that you specify, etc are available.

The searing is lightning fast, and it only slows down to compare the CRC checksums. [Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), is a function that takes any amount of data, and convert it into a small string (or text), Similar data produces similar strings as outputs, But you cannot take an output value to reach the original data. So, this is really helpful in checking / comparing datas]. We can specify whether or not to check the CRC checksums.

CRC Checking must be enabled to ensure that the program finds only the duplicate files, because of course, there might be many files with same file size. We can also specify to find files with same dates or names; it all depends on what you are scanning for. The free version directly deletes the files. But you are the one deleting files; After scanning, you may select what all files must be removed. If using CRC option, remove all the duplicates without any further thought!

Zack Martin
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  • Really Fast
  • Small Program
  • Multilingual Interfaces


  • Doesn't move files to recycle bin in ordinary version
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